All clinical supervisors are required to attend at least one Zoom standardisation event per year.  This event is to ensure that all clinical supervisors are kept informed and remain standardised in all areas of SVN training.  By attending our Zoom standardisation meetings, you will be kept informed of what is relevant to the LSVN students.

These events are held three times per year and future dates (a year in advance), will be confirmed at each standardisation meeting, as well as being available on Eventbrite.  These events are currently held via a combination of Zoom and face-to-face.  Minutes of these meetings will be available to all on OneFile, but receipt of the minutes alone does not count as an attended session.  If you do not attend a standardisation event within a twelve-month period, you may be subject to suspension as a clinical supervisor and may be required to retrain.

Clinical Supervisor Training:

Are you looking to train as a clinical supervisor? We would strongly recommend that there is a 'spare' clinical supervisor who can take over at short notice if required.

In your role, you will be expected to participate in the assessment of learners by continuously appraising the development of their practical abilities.  This will involve demonstrating essential clinical skills and judging the learner’s qualities against expected clinical performance.

As a qualified veterinarian or veterinary nurse, you are already required to apply professional rules of conduct and standards of good practice to your work.  You will also be an important role model for your learner.  Learning by example” is one of the most significant aspects of the transition process from learner to competent and confident qualified veterinary nurse.  

Mock OSCEs

Mock OSCEs are held four times per year in order to assess the student's readiness to go through to the gateway to be entered for the professional discussion and OSCEs. We require clinical supervisors to examine the tasks for us as the learners will be unfamiliar with the person examining which helps recreate the feel of the OSCEs. This also helps you as a clinical supervisor learn what is required of the students during their practical exams.

If you are interested in joining one of our events, please click on the link below...


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